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HARTBLEI 35mm Super-Rotator Tilt Shift Lens

MC TS-PC HARTBLEI 35mm Super-Rotator

General Notes

The 35mm SLR / DSLR format wide-angle photographic lens MC TS-PC HARTBLEI 35mm / f=2.8 Super-Rotator has been designed for the professional photographers. Each lens is hand assembled and carefully checked. Lens has a metal housing, no plastics are used. The eleven-lens optical system is multi-coated (MC) and has anti-reflection surfaces on the lenses, which improve the quality of the image and increase its contrast range due to the increased integrated light transmission. Each lens element is ground and polished with meticulous care to exacting tolerances and covered by a special multilayer coating to reduce internal reflections, increase transmission efficiency and enhance contrast. Resulting photographic images are of breathtaking quality, exquisite in their definition, luminance and color fidelity.

The lens make it possible to compensate for perspective distortion, to vary the depth of field and zone of sharpness and soften the image if necessary. These lenses allow 35mm format cameras instead of large format studio cameras to be used which is especially important for photographing architecture, interiors, landscapes, and all kinds of advertising pictures.

35mm MC TS-PC HARTBLEI Super-Rotator lenses have 12-blade aperture, which is extremely important especially for digital photography. The 12-blade aperture gives almost ideally round aperture hole, and as result - more uniform distribution of light on all area of the film or sensor in both normal and tilted / shifted positions.

At the customer's request, the photographic lens can be supplied with a metal lens hood, especially designed for use with 35mm PCS and TS-PC lenses.

TS-PC Super-Rotator - a mechanism for perspective correction by tilting and shifting the lens in any direction.

MC TS-PC HARTBLEI 35mm Super-Rotator / shifted MC TS-PC HARTBLEI 35mm Super-Rotator / tilted MC TS-PC HARTBLEI 35mm Super-Rotator / tilted & shifted
MC TS-PC HARTBLEI 35mm Super-Rotator
tilted & shifted

Lens Mount Types

The lens TS-PC (Tilt-Shift) Super-Rotator is manufactured with Canon EOS and Canon FD, Nikon, Minolta Dynax / Maxxum / AF, Minolta MD, Pentax K, M42 Zenit / Praktica / Pentax M, Leica R mounts.

All lenses have an integrated (not changeable) mount. The M42 lens can be supplied with additional adapter rings, for use with others 35mm cameras.


Lens mount type Canon EOS, Canon FD, Nikon, Minolta Dynax / Maxxum / AF, Minolta MD, Pentax K, M42 Zenit / Praktica / Pentax M, Leica R
Frame format 24×36 mm (35mm SLR / DSLR)
Focal length 35 mm
Focusing manual
Maximum aperture 1:2.8
Aperture range 2.8 - 22 (manual, 12-blade)
Construction 11 elements in 8 groups
Angle of view 67°
Minimum focus 0.20 m
Filter size Ø82 mm
Lens movement TS-PC Super Rotator, both tilt and shift in any direction
Shift movement range 0 to 10 mm in any direction
Tilt movement range 0 to 8° in any direction
Rotation movement range 360°, with click stops every 15°
Dimensions Ø91×102 mm
Weight 830 grams

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