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Hartblei Company

Tilt, shift, and tilt-shift lenses and adapters, Soviet and Germany vintage cameras, lenses and accessories

Ordering and Payment

The given prices are listed in US Dollars. However you have capability to select from several currencies. The price will be re-counted pursuant to an actual exchange rate of US Dollars. As the prices are fixed in dollars, the price in diverse currency depends on an exchange rate of dollar.

We accept all major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express), BIC / IBAN and SWIFT bank wire transfers, Western Union and Money Gram transfers. Bank checks and international money orders are also possible, however approval term of money orders and bank checks is six weeks, we don't recommend to use this form of payment.

The FONDY Payment Gateway is a simple and safe way to pay online. The FONDY Payment Gateway is under the supervision of the National Bank / FCA UK license number, no. 900705). After selecting the payment option, you will be redirected to the bank page. When paying with a card, you need to enter your credit card details. Your payment will be credited within minutes. This way you pay with a credit card via internet or a fast online bank transfer. This form of payment is not charged. For more information, visit FONDY website or do not hesitate to contact FONDY.

Terms of processing depend on the order. Because the camera completes by customer wish and also taking into account individual requests, that concern different addendums there are a huge amount of available variants of completing and configurations. On the storehouse we keep half-finished product. Finished set is assembled and checked only after receiving the confirmation of order. Therefore terms of producing changes from one week to three or four weeks. The easiest cameras (Kiev 60) complete in short terms, complicated ones (for ex. HARTBLEI 1006 M) for longer terms.

Send specification of the order to the sales@hartblei.com. We would check availability of this production in the storehouse and work out invoice. Then we would e-mail you confirmation of the order. We would also inform you about terms of making the order, forms of payment, price and the way of delivery.