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Kiev 60 camera kit

Kiev 60 camera kit
P6 lens mount, 6×6 cm frame size, 12 exposures per 120 roll film

Basic kit includes:

Kiev body w/ flocked interior and focusing screen (with a grid combined with Fresnel)
+ MC Arsat 80 mm / f=2.8 lens
+ PV90 TTL-metering prism viewfinder
+ waist level finder

$ 515

Introduction to the Kiev 60 / 456 cameras

Kiev 60 / Kiev 456 is classic SLR camera without changeable film backs. It looks like the increased SLR 35mm film camera. Camera is easy to operate and because of a simple design is reliable enough.

The base model of the Kiev 60 camera, offered by Hartblei, is completely reassembled and adjusted version of the camera Kiev 60, made by Kiev Arsenal plant.

Hartblei Company makes two basic modifications of the Kiev 60 camera: Kiev 60 / Kiev 456 and Kiev 60 Master / Kiev 456 Master. The Master model has a pre-release mode (MLU, Mirror Lock-Up). Kiev 60 Master / Kiev 456 Master camera allows you to lock-up the mirror before releasing the shutter by pressing the mirror release button. The mirror control mechanism allows avoiding undesirable impact from mirror actuation with a shutter release and thus improving image sharpness.

Kiev 60 / Kiev 60 Master camera works with 6×6 cm format and takes 12 exposures per 120 roll film. Kiev 456 / Kiev 456 camera works with 4.5×6 cm format which allows to take 16 exposures per 120 roll film.

The PV90 TTL prism viewfinder is applied with Kiev 60 / 456 camera and gives an upright image of the photographing object at viewing. The built-in exposure time meter with LED indication provides through-the-lens metering. This meter measures integrated brightness of the image on a focusing screen of the camera. Advantage and convenience of the TTL measurement system lies in the automatic control of all factors affecting the value of the exposure time. The zone of measurement of the exposure meter is in the central part of the viewfinder field of vision and has an oval shape.

The exposure meter ensures measurements in the range of brightness of 2 to 16 000 cd/m², and the film sensitivity is taken into account. Magnification of the TTL viewfinder eyepiece is 3x. The field of view measures 53×53mm. Film speed scale range - ISO from 6 to 3200, shutter scale range - from 1/1000 to 8 sec., aperture scale range - from 1:1.4 to 1:32. Voltage of the power source is 4.5 V.

The camera housing is plated with chrome and is covered with black vinyl. Upon customer's request the camera housing can have a black or some other coating (as ordered) and can be finished with leather of any color (as ordered).

The complete kit of the camera is made up at the customer's option. The camera body, lenses, viewfinders and others accessories are listed separately. All offered by Hartblei cameras, bodies and viewfinders can have some different design fulfillments: chrome or black trim; black or colored natural leather finish. Price list includes also standard Kiev 60 / Kiev 456 camera kits.