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Kiev 88CM camera kit

Kiev 88CM camera kit
P6 lens mount, accepts Hasselblad viewfinders

Basic kit includes:

Kiev body w/ horizontal metal focal-plane shutter, flocked interior and focusing screen (with a grid combined with Fresnel)
+ two Kiev FM12 NT / 6×6 cm film magazines
+ MC Arsat 80 mm / f=2.8 lens
+ PV45 TTL-metering prism viewfinder
+ waist level finder

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Kiev 88CM is a single-lens reflex camera, which, in its basic form, consists of the 88CM camera body, a 80mm / f=2.8 multicoated lens, Kiev FM12 (6×6 cm) or FM16 (6×4.5 cm) interchangeable film magazines, removable waist level finder and PV45 TTL-metered prism viewfinder.

Two models of the camera are made: Kiev 88CM and Kiev 88CM Master.

The Master model has a pre-release mode (MLU, Mirror Lock-Up). The mirror control mechanism allows avoiding undesirable impact from mirror actuation with a shutter release and thus improving image sharpness. Kiev 88CM Master camera allows you to lock-up the mirror before releasing the shutter by pressing the mirror release lever.

The breech-lock design of the Kiev 88CM camera bayonet allows using interchangeable lenses of Pentacon Six or Exakta 66 cameras.

Horizontal metal or cloth focal-plane shutter provides speeds from 1/2 to 1/1000 sec. and manual B. Flash synchronization is at 1/30 sec. and below. The shutter cocking mechanism is interlocked with the film transport mechanism thus preventing unintentional double film exposure.

With the use of interchangeable film magazines, the 6×6 cm format allows to take 12 exposures and the 6×4.5 cm format 16 exposures per 120 roll film. The interchangeable magazines make possible a quick change in the process of photographing from a black-and-white to a color film or to a more or less sensitive film. The film magazine may be removed from the camera irrespective of the number of the frames taken. Polaroid filmback can also be used.

The sharp focusing is done by the microraster or rangefinder arranged in the center of the field of view and by the ground glass screen.

The camera housing is plated with chrome and is covered with black vinyl. Upon customer's request the camera housing can have a black or some other coating (as ordered) and can be finished with leather of any color (as ordered).

The complete kit of the camera is made up at the customer's option. The camera body, lenses, film magazines, viewfinders and others accessories are listed separately. All offered by Hartblei cameras, bodies, film backs and viewfinders can have some different design fulfillments: chrome or black trim, black or colored natural leather finish. Price list includes also standard Kiev 88CM camera kits.